Post kali ni d'bwh tajuk SC.. Aku suke gak share ngan korang psal mende2 camni.. 
Coz this kind of tech can inspire us more..
This article really caught my attention.. 

When using devices such as laptops and phones, a certain amount of energy is always wasted via heat. However, researcher Dr. Long Que at Louisiana Tech University has made a green tech breakthrough by creating a tool that can harvest energy from heat wasted by electronic gadgets. His piezoelectric device could potentially revolutionize the energy efficiency of our current gadgets.

Que’s device, called a CNF-PZT Cantilever, consists of a “carbon nanotube film on a cantilever base of piezoelectric material.” When the carbon nanotube film absorbs thermal energy, such as heat and light from other devices, it forces the cantilever to bend. The cyclical bending then generates an electric current in the piezoelectric material.

Sumpah aku tak penah t'pikir camni..
X sangke kan heat camni pon boleh generate energy?~
Bnyak lg sebenanye mende2 camni..
Aku penah gak t'bace yg kasut pon boleh charge fon..
huh, aku agak excited ar, hrp2 ar dpt wat mnde camtu nnti...
hehe.. kla, just 4 sharing..