Loser's Late Night: Am I?

Hello there.
How have you been?

It's not the point.
Actually I'm just thinking about the word
Am I, a loser?

*source: uD

Am I?
Am I?

I tried to be others. Didn't work.
He sleeps, plays games and eats. Then said,
"The papers were easier that I though!"
I can't be him. I'm (cool) loser.
But, I don't want to be a loser forever.
A paradigm shift must be made.
Many things have motivated me since early ramadhan.
Those who went to Korea, US, NY, Taiwan and also
those who auspiciously got chance to sit for SAT and TOEFL.
thanx for motivating!

I still want to be a loser.
But only a superficial loser.


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