When I say "43"

And of course this is mathematically true

Usually 143 means I love you, used by most people in their text. I never heard bout people saying "one four three" directly, kinda awkward I think. But have you realized what 43 means? Some people assume it means "love you". Haha, yeah maybe. But nope! What if I say 43 means 'take care'? Coz I used this to my shawn D and he postulated that it should be 44. Whatever, then I said that he should know about technetium.

Technetium (or Masurium), has the atomic number 43 and Tc as symbol.

That explains, isn't guys?


wOne said...


amy美琪 said...

bingo, nice post :) but i've never heard 1.4.3 is ILY before. For us, it's 5.2.0 means ILY in chinese. :)

h.a.z.i.q.u.e said...

5.2.0? woah, never know that.haha

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